put a pin on it, strong pin game, Enamel pins

Like Queen B says “If you liked it then you should have put a pin on it”

Without giving away our age, we remember the first enamel pin craze. Its return is bringing back our childhood memories of pinning them to our bags, denim jackets, lapels, you name it, it had a pin on it.

put a pin on it, strong pin game, Enamel pins

It’s an affordable way for artists to get their designs out to the masses. Its also much more affordable way for consumers to share their views from everything from politics, art, design to their favourite foods and animals.

If you’ve popped through our Red Doors lately, you’ll see we’re rocking a strong pin game at the moment. So many of our favourite artists are producing their own enamel pin badges and our collection is growing by the day.

VW Camper Van, Volkswagen, Enamel Pin, Brooches, Vans, Hello SunshineThis guy has been driving off into many sunsets recently. A customer favourite. :)

Hello Sunshine has expanded her much loved Jewellery collection to include gorgeous pin brooches for Cat Lovers and Campervan Aficionados alike. She’s also rocking quite the enviable pin game herself!!

hello sunshine, strong pin game, enamel pin badges, brooches, metal pinsAll of the beautiful pins above are available in the gallery and in our online shop

hello sunshine, strong pin game, enamel pin badges, brooches, metal pinsJo’s enviable collection of pins of old and new, her cat Toby is checking that he’s been included.

Vicky from Woah There Pickle has captured our hearts with her Nostalgic Collection of Pins. We’ve just taken delivery of her new additions. Her Cheeky Calculator definitely tickles our Childlike minds. 🙂

rocket lolly enamel pin, ice lolly, retro, woah there pickle

boobies, calculator, enamel pins, badges, woah there pickle

We love hearing the sound of laughter from our card corner. We have so many great humorous cards up there. The Jolly Awesome Card range is definitely one of our customer favourites. You can now take their wit with you everyday with their collection of enamel pins.

pug life, pugs, enamel pins, jolly awesome

pug life, pugs, enamel pins, jolly awesomeThis little pug is a customer favourite. As is the ever popular I need Coffee!!I Need Coffee PinTo round off our Pin collection this week, this lady needs no introduction after her upcoming workshop sold out in record time! The lovely And Smile Studio.

Frida Kahlo, Pin Badge, Brooch, Frida, Feminist, Strong Woman, Influential artist

You’ll know her for her fabulous pop icon collection of print and badges. Now delving into the Enamel pin game. We have 2 of her most popular pins in the gallery Frida Kahlo and the dynamic duo Sherlock and Watson.


Here they are hanging out with Toby the Cat 😉 These guys need cat as a sidekick!!


If you’re a stationery addict like us, then you’ll need to join her Society of Crossed Pencils. There are rules to follow though. Are you a true stationery addict?

portrait workshop, live drawing, and smile

If you happen to be in the area this coming Sunday, please stop by and see Victorija in action. She’ll be doing 10 min portraits live in our window. Unfortunately all the spaces are now SOLD OUT but we have an extensive collection of her pin and prints to buy in the gallery, if you love her quirky illustrative style.

Keep your eyes on our FACEBOOK PAGE this Sunday for our And Smile Competition, it is very simple and you could win a print 🙂

Let’s be seeing your pin game!!