David Fleck

David Fleck had his first solo exhibition “Our Ancestors” here in The Red Door Gallery in April 2012.

Our Ancestors presents portraits of city life as a collection of limited edition screenprints, digital prints and 3D models from architect and illustrator, David Fleck. His whimsically enchanting linear studies use a clean and fresh palette to celebrate trusted, architectural forms as if they were built yesterday. Although void of perspective, these city streets are layered, creating an undulating wave of building facades and natural landscapes with a reassuring reminder of simpler times gone by.

Although inspired by local towns and cities, Fleck’s final folio of works could well be associated with many international locations (an idea discussed in Italio Calvino’s influential book, Invisible Cities). Every city is a playground of discovery, a world of chaos and experience waiting to be uncovered and shared. The relationship between a cutting edge, contemporary city and its people is, of course, reciprocal and influenced by the town planning and the priorities of our ancestors. Fleck’s cities depict this oxymoron, by illustrating classical architecture in a contemporary style – a pairing down of complex structures to their most prominent features. Fleck captures the character of a population through an illustration of the city, and characterizes a city through a drawing of one person. It is in the combination that we find a portrait of city life.

David Fleck is currently living in Glasgow where he is finishing his Masters in Architecture.

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