Lindsey Brown

Lindsey Brown is an Edinburgh based illustrator and designer, whose devotion to drawing in the monochrome was established in her Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show in 2007. Having graduated with a BA Hons in Fashion Design, Lindsey returned to do an MA in Illustration at ECA in 2009-2010.

Lindsey’s latest exhibition (her first in 2 years) features Racoons, Eagles, Owls and other Wildlife and Birds of Prey. “Little Owl Love” is one of Lindsey’s most recognisable and loved pieces.

Lindsey’s intricate line work is originally created with a traditional illustrator’s tool, her trusty ‘mapping nib and Indian ink’. This series of black and white studies represents Lindsey’s very direct intention to strip back her work to the foundations of pose, composition, line and pattern.

Lindsey’s work is offered for sale as an unlimited edition of prints complemented with a range of cushions and greeting cards.

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