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Jul 3, 2019 | Blog

All about Mountains and Bikes this week – It’s the 2019 Tour de France this weekend and it will be the 106th edition of this spectacular road bike race! Lasting from the 6th – 28th July the Tour de France will speed up and down many mountains and cover a total of 2150 miles! In honour of this incredible sporting event, we thought we’d theme this week around mountains, hills and bikes – the adored muses of artists and cyclists alike!


The Grand Depart by Emily Hogarth is a Tour de France special! It was printed for the Yorkshire starting Tour de France in 2014 but is still a beautiful print in 2019! It is a limited edition screen print by Hogarth which started out as a highly intricate paper cut and it is a beautiful print for the cyclist enthusiast. The 2019 ‘Grand Depart’ of the Tour de France will set off from Brussels and finish in Paris!


Perhaps you know someone about to partake in a mountainous event- a sporting event, a graduation or event the Tour de France itself?! This very sweet Scale Great Heights print is by top illustrator Mister Peebles featuring an adorable lizard conquering the peak, well done little fella!

Commuter Screen Print by Rebecca Kaye

Commuter is a fantastic new screen print from our bike riding enthusiast, Rebecca Kaye. Kaye loves to combine her love of the great outdoors. two wheels and super cool artistic talent! Bikes aren’t just for racing, they’re great for day trips and for getting you to work, even if you’re running a bit late there is always fun to be had zooming on a bicycle – beautifully captured here in this lovely A2 screen print!



The Many Mountains Mini Fold Out Mountainscape is a bit of a mouthful to say but this elegantly sized decoration is superbly pocket sized! A wee mountain range for your shelf featuring intricate ink and nib illustrations of imagined mountains inspired by Japanese prints. R R Turner has hand cut each Mountainscape and neatly packaged them for you to pop in your pocket and cycle away!


King of the Mountains by Alexandra Snowdon is a glorious A3 print. Inspired by that feeling of reaching the summit, and standing beside your bike tall, proud and a little exhausted! If you know someone or are someone that lives for cycling in the great outdoors and exploring the Highlands by bike then this is the print for you! Featuring Mountain peaks, pine trees and swallows, this print by Snowdon is a print that will bring any cyclist joy!


It’s the Great Outdoors Pin Set by Hello Sunshine. This little tree and mountain are no taller than 20mm but that mountain climbing spirit is still there! Attach this pair of pins by Hello Sunshine to any jacket or satchel and they’ll keep those mountain memories alive and let everyone know you’re the adventurous type!

The Scottish Mountain by Susie Wright is a striking print – with a stunning lens flare incorporated into the design this print is super contemporary! This print by Susie Wright has a spontaneous feel despite the intricate details within the mountain formation. We can imagine pausing briefly to take a quick snap of this scene after racing down the mountain path from the top!


Old Town by Kate Miller is a scene of tranquility where a bicycle quietly rests on the cobbles of Edinburgh. The Scottish capital city is a great place to see by bicycle, with Holyrood Park, The Meadows and the Pentland Hills being top cycle spots. Riding over the cobbles of Old Town is almost as tough as riding up mountains, we might add! This is a beautiful A3 print from the Kate Miller range.


Silver Mountain Studs by Gjewl are super elegant and a must have for any lover of fine Silversmithing! Ideal for everyday and evening wear, also small enough to not interfere with physical activities like mountaineering or bike riding! Handmade by Gjewl in 100% hallmarked silver.


This Cycling Rabbit Mug by Ham is ideal for watching the Tour de France on the television with a cup of tea! We can’t all be ‘out of this world’ mountain bikers but we can still have a thrilling time watching the race unfold and pledge support our favorite team. It can be thirsty work watching feats of human strength and endurance! There is also a Hiking Rabbit Print in the Ham range which is perfect for a cuppa after a mountain trek!

This mountainous print is Rise by David Fleck. A beautiful A3 print by Fleck of an impressive mountain range over which the early morning sun has almost climbed! The little towns between the mountains are also waking up, ready for a full day of walking, climbing and cycling across the peaks to visit their neighbors!

Now that’s a big mountain! This screen print is Nepal Mountains by Louise Smurthwaite and is an imaginative and fantastically colorful interpretation of those mega mountains of the Himalayas! This print is inspired by Smurthwaite’s own travels around Nepal, during which she may very well have hopped on a bike! This is a large 6 layer screen print and a thing of beauty! 🙂




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