Risograph Printing Week

Jun 26, 2019 | Blog

Headstand by Mina Braun

Headstand by Mina Braun lining up and ready for it’s next layer.

Many of the artists we work with at Red Door are turning to the Risograph to produce editions of their prints. Here’s a wee insight to this print method that seems to be having quite the resurgence, with lots of new print studios popping up.

The Risograph is an environmentally friendly, and affordable way to print digitally whilst still retaining the look and feel of a labour intensive hand printed piece. The machine works similar to screen printing in that it uses stencils (made from thermal sensitive paper) and each colour is done in a separate layer.

The stencils spins round an ink drum which then transfers the ink to the paper.  You’re limited to the number of colours your Risograph studio uses and only one colour can be printed at a time (like Screen Printing) but the layering of each colour can create new colours and unique effects. Registration of each layer in the correct place can also be tricky. We feel this just adds to the uniqueness of each print, with no two prints being exactly the same and the work having a crafted, hand made feel.

It’s a fast process for printing as it only takes a single print for the screen to be fully inked and ready to print thousands of copies. This makes for a fast and cost effective way to get your art work, flyers, zines into the world. It’s no wonder that it’s having quite the resurgence with artists flocking to the Riso Studio to produce their prints.

Here are some of our favourite Risograph’s lurking behind our Red Doors. 🙂

We’ve worked with Mina for a number of years. Our loyal customers will know her work for her colourful, playful Screen Prints. Mina has now delved into the Riso world with her new range of Yoga prints and they’re equally as delightful as her Screen Prints. Need to find space for this guy on the wall at home 🙂

Tree Pose by Mina Braun

Rich Fairhead

We’ve worked with Rich and his brother Chris who go by the name El Famoso for a long time. They collaborate on a number of prints and large scale murals including these popular Risographs, Tat Lady and Tat Man. They continue to be some of our Top Selling prints.

tat girl, tattoos, tattoo lady, rich fairhead

Katrine Lyck

Recent ECA graduate Katrine has produced these beautiful Gold Risograph’s on Black paper to stunning effect. With only one colour of ink black paper, they seem magical and have the feeling of a much more labour intensive process. The beauty of the Risograph can be seen in these prints.

Golden City Risograph by Katrine Lyck

Nicola Boon

Local artist Nicola was drawn to the Riso when attending a print fair in Manchester. The likeness to Screen Printing got her hooked (Nicola is this weeks Meet The Maker. Stay tuned to our blog) and she uses this process throughout her work. We love the monochrome effects that Riso printing has created in her print Starry Nights.

Starry Nights Risograph by Nicola Boon

Thundercliffe Press

Brand New Artist Alert!! We’re excited to have this new work from Glasgow based artist Anna of Thundercliffe Press. She works in a variety of print making techniques, we love her Riso Print of the late, great Mark E. Smith.

Mark E Smith Risograph by Thundercliffe Press

Here’s what Anna had to say about Risograph. “I really like Riso print as it reproduces line quality really well; and it is very environmentally friendly and economical, whilst looking great. I use it a lot if I want to reproduce a drawing”. 

Ruth Mae Martin

Ruth Mae Martin is another new artist to us at the Red Door. She’s a Glasgow based illustrator, ceramicist, and designer.  She works mainly with printmaking methods such as Risograph and Screenprinting, and enjoys experimenting with their limitations. She also makes a large amount of her work using ceramic and porcelain. She aims to make interesting and vibrant works to convey a narrative or an idea.

This Riso Big Cat shows how vibrant the colours can be with Risograph.

Eleanor Meredith 

Eleanor Meredith is an artist; who works on commissions, collaborations and illustration projects. Her studio is hidden at the top of a cinema in Hackney, London. She originally hails from the wilds of West Lothian, Scotland.

Eleanor is also dabbles in both Risograph Printing and Ceramics. Her artistic style floats seamlessly between the two.

Check out our Risograph section for more awesome prints from this talented bunch!

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