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Nov 4, 2020 | Blog

Our silver jewellery selection featuring a lovely, long legged dog


It’s been a super time for our Gallery’s jewellery section this week which has had a wonderful inpouring of Silvery goodness thanks to our talented designers and makers. Whilst our new earrings and necklaces glisten away in our Red Door Gallery, we’re going to share our sparkly, silver treasures and a bit about how they came to be, with you. We’re just that generous!



Mixed Texture Charm Necklace
Handmade by Fiona Luing


Fiona Luing is an Edinburgh based designer who set up her studio after taking night classes in jewellery making so she could turn her love for creating with silver into a dream job – and so she has! Fiona is a genius at creating intricate textures within her jewellery pieces. Some of her favourite patterns to use include leaves, zig zags, lace and glitter and these silvery mark makings are achieved through some skillful silversmithing. This Mixed Texture Charm Necklace is entirely handmade with 100% silver and an excellent example of Fiona’s fondness for beautiful markings and her eye for detail. It also ranks very high on our twinkly, silver scale!



Fiona Luing loving what she does in her studio


Oxidised Silver Zig Studs
Handmade by Fiona Luing


Fiona uses drawing as a way to inspire new ideas and shapes in silver. From initial sketches Fiona will work directly in metal to see whether it suits a piece of jewellery. By seeing shapes constructed in silver Fiona is often amazed by the way her designs start springing to life. She also finds interesting ways for her jewellery collection to grow in new and exciting directions and her Oxidised Silver Zig Studs are part of her expanding Unisex collection. We love these 3 expressive studs, and the matching Oxidised Silver Zig Medallion, they’re silver done different!



Silver Triangle Necklace
Handmade by Darte



Glasgow based designer Darte is all about achieving that everyday elegance. The very talented hands behind Darte belong to Gemma who studied Textiles at The Glasgow School of Art and eventually turned her jewellery making passion into a business, behold Darte! Inspiration taken from art deco design, symmetrical shapes and linear lines fuel these contemporary pieces which keep a poetic balance between minimal and decorative. The Silver Triangle Necklace is an equilateral triangle made using traditional silversmithing techniques which gracefully hangs from a silver chain. Darte’s precision and high quality finish is well on display with this necklace. No corners cut here, only three carefully measured and artfully forged corners to be found!



Lauren making her Darte masterpieces in her very smart studio


Ventura Circle Earrings
Handmade by Darte




These are the Ventura Circle Earrings by Darte and aren’t they neat!? Wonderfully inspired by the forms and shapes of Art Deco, these silver studs are classically stylish. Their clean lines and delicate finish make them effortlessly versatile, perfect for wearing from day to night. Using recycled sterling silver to create her designs, Darte desires to make peices that will ‘adorn rather than overwhelm, with subtle yet beautiful jewellery’, and we think she’s achieved just that!



Loop Loop Earrings
Handmade by Studio Vincent



Studio Vincent is a small, independent jewellery brand and business run single handedly by the brilliant Lauren from her home studio in Edinburgh. What started out as a creative outlet during her University studies, Studio Vincent’s blossoming jewellery range became a lovely, vibrant business. Lauren has a degree in Forensic Psychology, and is currently training to be a councillor/ therapist, but her silversmithing experience began 10 years ago with evening classes and from there she never looked back! We simply adore these playful Loop Loop Earrings with their interlocking silver curves.



Lauren looking ready to work on her Studio Vincent designs


Nancy Earrings
Handmade by Studio Vincent



A big fan of 70s and 80s fashion, Studio Vincent finds loads of inspiration from the styles and shapes of these iconic decades to develop and create contemporary pieces like these gorgeous Nancy Earrings which we think definitely capture that cool 70’s feel effortlessly, man. Studio Vincent also works entirely with recycled silver and silver offcuts in an effort to make her business as sustainable as possible and Lauren is very passionate about illuminating the humans behind small businesses like hers and champions the small independent guys above the big, faceless companies. So let’s show our support for this super duper designer!



Silver Mini Moon Face Necklace
Handmade by Polly Collins




Polly Collins is a jewellery maker based in Southwest England and her stunning collection of Moon and Sun designs are some of the sweetest, most captivating wee faces you’ll ever meet! Using brass, silver and gold Polly hand-cuts every face, so each one has it’s own character and individual charm. We think her pieces are ever so beautiful, and the mystical elements of the sun and moon combined with their enchanting faces gives her designs a sense of magic and spirituality. The Silver Mini Moon Face Necklace is a real nice shiner!



Polly Collins at work in her marvelous studio shed


Small Silver Moon Studs
Handmade by Polly Collins



Polly works from her home studio, a lovely shed of sorts in the middle of Dartmoor and uses recycled materials wherever possible. These are her Small Silver Moon Studs which are ever so charismatic with their quirky smiles, and coy glances. They catch the light just right and give off splendid glimmers of silver in the moon and sunshine! If you find fascination in the celestial and are a dabbler in a bit of astrology then a touch of Polly Collins in your jewellery collection is certainly what you need to align your stars.



Bowl & Chopstick Earrings
Handmade by Saw + Pour



Inspired by Ramen and Eastern cuisine, these Silver Bowl and Chopstick Studs are hand crafted by Saw & Pour in Yorkshire. Saw & Pour began as a collaboration between jeweller Amy Stringer and graphic designer, Oliver King. Each piece in the jewellery collection has strong graphic and geometric influences and they have a lot of fun with their packaging design too, it’s bright and cleverly culinary inspired. Saw and Pour certainly know how to have fun with precious metals!



Amy of Saw + Pour in her tasty city centre studio


Silver Chopstick Hoops
Handmade by Saw + Pour


Based in Leeds with their studio in the heart of the City, Saw + Pour craft all their work by hand. They cut every noodle and chopstick and polish every bowl until it passes their taste test, so to speak! As a designer they strive to create a playful yet contemporary brand of everyday jewellery. The kind you can wear from day to night and definitely dinner. How about these Silver Chopstick Hoops, aren’t they delicious!?


Our beautiful silver jewellery and a second lovely dog

All the jewellery designers and artists featured in this blog have even more wonderful products to their name, and new work is arriving at our shop everyday. Check our website to keep up to date. In the meantime, have a lovely rest of your day from us all at The Red Door Gallery🙂















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