Catherine A Hiley

Born to English and Canadian parents, Catherine Anne Hiley grew up in Germany where she studied Fine Art at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee. She also completed an exchange semester at the Emily Carr Institute (now University) of Art and Design, Vancouver. She graduated in Berlin in 2007 and moved to Scotland in 2008, Β now living and working in Edinburgh.

“The starting point for all her work is drawing – drawing of things seen and unseen, imagined, dreamed, heard of, read about, or simply scribbled down in a free associative manner. Catherine uses the unexpected, almost coincidental pictorial structures from sketchbook work to make original prints. In origin and intent these drawings have much in common with marginalia of medieval manuscripts, doodles and scribbles by established artists and non-artists: images deemed unimportant and not serious even at the time of their making. The magic lies in these unwatched moments.”

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