Magda Boreysza

Magda describes herself as having been ‘born by the salty, cold Baltic Sea and migrated through Poland, Sweden and Scotland to New Orleans, armed with a fineliner and a moleskine sketchbook’.

She illustrates to to tell stories of a world filled with mysterious creatures: animals with human faces and wild, ferrel children, who wander a vast, dreamlike forest, both dark and innocent, gentle and violent. Inspired by natrue, folk tales, medieval painting and mythology, Magda lets her imagination wonder and captures the results with care, precision a delicacy which warms her enchanting works.

We started working with Magda during her studies at the Edinburgh College of Art and love showcasing her new works inspired by her new environment of New Orleans. We occasinally have very limited edition pieces which are not suitable for our online shop, please email us for information.

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