Wright’s Window Wonderland

Jul 2, 2018 | Blog

Welcome to our Edinburgh Window Wonderland as it soaks up the Scottish summer sun! This display is thanks to Edinburgh based artist and screen printing superstar Susie Wright. Her incredible range of making methods are currently being showcased in our Red Door Gallery window – delighting Victoria Street are Wright’s most recent print works and charming, ceramic creations.



The Forth Rail Bridge with passing boat. A beautiful and atmospheric print that has you hearing the lapping of the Forth as the fishing boat chugs on by. Iconic landmark, incredible structure and magnificent colour – this screen print has it all!



Waverley Buildings is a screen print that documents the view from the side of Waverley station. Often a place for rushing rather than looking, this print seizes the chance to pause within the city. Brightening the buildings with zesty colours and bold lines this print is definitely one to admire!


There is so much to see and do around Edinburgh City. Old things, new things, tall things and small things… This Edinburgh Drawing by Wright captures it all. A good look about this print and you’ll feel closely connected to Edinburgh and it’s many treasures!



Castle Patterns uses all those quirky shapes and angles woven into the City’s fabric, showing them off to the full! Within his striking and contemporary screen print you will find patterns and shapes to represent Edinburgh’s domes, spires, steps, alleys, cobbles, shadows and windows galore!




A lover of Owls, Susie’s work often features these mysterious creatures and she has succeeded in creating some true beauties! This Snowy Owl screen print is simple and elegant with a dramatic contrast between its bright, white, downy feathers and the black, night time, ink behind!



This is Surprised Owl screen print. Another dazzling piece that catches the eye and stops you in your tracks! Wonderful textures within this illustration has given this little guy bags of character. What kind of Owl is he? The Surprised kind!





These porcelain chaps are Susie’s beautiful Owl Pals. Hand crafted with the upmost care, each pal is unique and one of a kind! Elegant and wise solo, or exquisite as a wee group of feathered friends – these fine owls are timeless pieces and make magical mementos. Everyone needs an Owl Pal at Hooo-Hooome!

For an Edinburgh keepsake that is contemporary and truly unique, a Susie Wright is just what you need. Her works capture the beauty of Scotland in contemporary ways with striking results – She will ensure your fond Edinburgh memories are gorgeously preserved!

So do make your way down to The Red Door Gallery on Victoria Street and catch this stunning display in full SUNNY splendour! 🙂





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