All New Viktorija Illustration

Mar 4, 2020 | Blog

We are very excited to have All New Viktorija Illustration spicing up our illustration collection! Fondly known also as And Smile, Viktorija has a beautiful new range of prints for us all to enjoy so take a look at her newest works – they’ll make you smile! And FYI it’s International Women’s Day on Sunday 8th March, a great chance to support strong women everywhere!

Viktorija’s subjects are always stylish! This is Spring Lady A4 and she’s a breath of fresh, floral air! Vibrantly dressed and immersed in flowery splendour, a vision of Spring! We love the way there seems to be a touch of summer breeze floating through this illustration!

The Stripes and Ruffles A3 is a striking portrait print which uses bold, gestural marks to create distinct shapes and patterns within the illustration. Based on a series of original ink paintings inspired by the connections we form with people around us – friends, loved ones and those sudden, fleeting encounters!

What a cute and colourful pup! Poodle A4 is a fabulously textural print with lots of visible brush strokes and layers of vibrant colour – a luxurious combination of ochre, lilac and russet hues. A very pretty pooch indeed!

This fellow could be straight out of a stylish 50s French film – a man of few words and strong looks! Smoking Man A4 is another print of an original ink drawing by Viktorija and inspired by the people she encounters in her day to day activities, out and about in Brixton!

A very big bouquet of flowers! This A4 print is bursting with lilac, mauve and purple petals and it’s a fabulous people pleaser! Cloud of Flowers is a super fun and bright illustration that will add cheer to any room and will definitely look great alongside a fresh vase of flowers!

Who’s that girl? And where did she get that gorgeous coat? A fantastic print of an original ink drawing, capturing Viktorija’s signature illustration style. We love the bold details that pop from this Coat A3 print – all those quirky symbols adorning that awesome, statement garment… we’re very jealous! 😉





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