Marching Onwards

Feb 23, 2020 | Blog

As we begin Marching Onwards into March we want to make sure that we’ve all had a chance to stop and smell February’s flowers! Take a look at this wee compilation of this past month’s best bits and this coming month’s ones to watch… There’s lots to love!

Lake Sunset by Tom Hardwick is a rather romantic scene – two swans float on by, as a sweet pair gaze across the rosy water and the evening draws closer. A beautiful print with its blush pink hues and dark plum details, this print is as serene as a daydream and proven to deter those wet weather blues!

Her Midnight Self by Tom Berry is a limited edition screenprint featuring elegant figures entwined in botanical vines and basking in magical moonlight. A London based illustrator Berry has a magnificent catalogue of prints, this piece is a must have for a collector of intriguing artworks and we love the way in which these ladies move!

Lying Lady Porcelain Pin Brooch by Rosie Leech, a hand sculpted and hand painted porcelain artwork which is ready to wear! We love the minimal design and delicate nature of this unusual jewellery item – a very easy-going lass, she’ll happily lounge on any item of clothing you choose!

Brand new artist Hattie Clark has created some brilliantly bright prints including A4 Wild Thing with a fabulous, long-haired lass frolicking amongst the flowers! We love how spring like her work feels and we can’t wait to skip amongst the flowers ourselves – bring on the Summer!

Poodle by Vicktorija Illustration is a very pretty A4 pooch in a luxurious colour pallet! Brings back memories of gorgeous Georgette from Oliver & Company – anyone else remember that film?! Anyway… this pup is perfect and will brighten up your house and make it a home!

Crochet Cacti by Emily Sian Hart! We have a super collection of these cool, crochet beauties that are perfect for any plant lover – especially for those who struggle a wee bit keeping plants alive! We have an array of species, colours and pots that have all been handmade and hand-painted by Emily so each Cactus is truly unique!

The Squirrel Teatowel by Babs Pease is a very sweet kitchen necessity, adorned in beautifully detailed lino-cut Red Squirrel illustrations – the best kind of Squirrels! The perfect gift for a nature lover and for adding a splash of colourful design to your kitchen.

New notebook designs by NOI Publishing includes Pair of Cats – Soft Cover Notebooks and what a pair they are! Both books have blank pages and therefore the potential to be used as a cat sketchbook, to jot down your daily cat observations or even your cat poetry – whatever you want!

J for Jays Linocut by Babs Pease

J is for Jays is part of an alphabet series by Babs Pease. A beautiful multi layer linocut of Jay Birds, showing the amazing craft of this print process. Rich in colour and detail this is a true statement piece that will bring admirers from near and far, hoping to catch a sighting of these exquisite Jays!

Let’s get ready for March in style! 🙂



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