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Jun 8, 2021 | Blog

Out and about in the Old Town with our stunning Edinburgh Buildings print


The buildings of Edinburgh are things of beauty, and many of our artists have been inspired by the City’s majestic architecture. These are our top picks of Awesome Architecture based prints and products available at The Red Door Gallery.


Edinburgh Labyrinths
A4 print by Rachel R Turner

Edinburgh Labyrinths by Rachel Turner is an A4 print of an abstract pencil study of the Edinburgh Castle and surrounding elements. Inspired by the Castle’s architectural and geographical features and surrounding network of alleyways (closes), stairwells and secret tunnels entwining Edinburgh’s historical Old Town!


Old Town Postcard Set
Made by Hannah Pritchard

Victoria Street
A3 print by Hannah Pritchard


Hanna Pritchard has made an Old Town Postcard Set depicting the beautiful buildings in the Old Town of Edinburgh. They include: The Writer’s Museum, Lawnmarket; John Knox House, The Royal Mile; Surgeon’s Hall, Nicolson Street; Canongate Kirk, Canongate and St Gile’s Cathedral, High Street 52 Cockburn Street. Her super detailed A3 Victoria Street print is also a beautifully intricate depiction of our famous street!


Edinburgh Buildings
A3 print by Kaitlin Mechan


From certain viewpoints, Edinburgh is chockablock with buildings and densely layered rooftops. Kaitlin Mechan has captured this aspect of Edinburgh architecture superbly with her Edinburgh Buildings A3 print. A wonderfully layered collage of some of the City’s best buildings and landmarks with pretty colours throughout!



Edinburgh Concertina Card
Made by Susie Wright

Edinburgh From Stockbridge
30x40cm print by Susie Wright

Susie Wright has been making some brand new prints and products and all in her signature abstract, shapely style. We have a new print Edinburgh From Stockbridge with lots of recognisable features like the Saint Stephen’s building and new Edinburgh Concertina Cards that fold out to reveal the City skyline.


Edinburgh Old Town
A3 print by David Fleck


Edinburgh Old Town by David Fleck has always been a favourite with Edinburgh visitors because it captures the historical element of Edinburgh so well. With it’s higgledy-piggledyness, wood and stone textures and sneaky bridges, it is an intriguing print. Originally in A4 size, this print has recently become available in a bigger A3 size!


Red Roof Cabin
A4 print by Or8Design

Hidden In The Hills
23x50cm print by Or8Design


Not far out of Edinburgh you can find yourself in the beautiful Scottish landscape where the architecture is very different. Here you’re likely to find Bothies, old stone buildings and secluded cottages and cabins. These buildings have inspired Or8Design and their range of screenprints because they make for dramatic imagery and a sense of adventure. We like how these two prints Red Roof Cabin A4 and Hidden In The Hills blend architectural and landscape elements together.


A very photogenic print by Kaitlin Mechan in our picturesque Edinburgh city


All the artists and designers featured in this blog have even more wonderful products to their name, and new work is arriving at our shop everyday. Check our website to keep up to date. In the meantime, have a lovely rest of your day from us all at The Red Door Gallery! 🙂



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