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May 18, 2021 | Blog


Our smart windows filled with wonderful designs by Ploterre


We are ever so keen to introduce you to Ploterre, a mathematical mind and creative colossus whose work has made our Red Door Gallery walls a feast for the eyes and full of food for thought! Enjoy your journey through the intelligent design world of Ploterre!



A3 Risograph print by Ploterre



Ploterre is a project by Rebecca J Kaye in which she uses environmental data to create a range of sophisticated and super cool prints. Ploterre was founded in Scotland and Kaye’s  professional journey ‘took a scenic route where I made my way north from Wales, first studying mathematics in Manchester university and then visual communications in Edinburgh.’ The designs of Ploterre are inspired by the natural world and environmental data. The creation of artwork through formulas. Lochs A3 Risograph is a print based on information gathered from the 12 largest fresh water Lochs in Scotland. Each segment is a little bit like an illustrated graph of their water levels!



Bird Colours
A3 Lithograph print by Ploterre


Kaye realised ‘there were three things I loved and had spent the past 20 years fascinated by.These three things were mathematics, design and the natural world. and so I began Ploterre. Ploterre sources and gathers environmental data and then translates it into visuals using a combination of mathematics, coding and design. They are then brought to life with traditional printing techniques. Data and formulas are cleverly repurposed to describe colour and form. In the Bird Colours Lithograph represents the UK’s most commonly sighted garden birds, their feather colourations become pigments in this printed piece.



Tree Rings (Hot)
A3 Risograph print Ploterre
£30 /Set of 2 £55


Tree Rings (Cold)
A3 Lithograph by Ploterre
£30 / Set of 2 £55



The purpose of Ploterre’s work is to unearth a world hidden in spreadsheets and bring this data to life through design. Tree Rings (Hot/Cold) Risograph is based on data collected from daily weather reports in the UK over the past 100 years. The design represents tree rings and their process of growth. New tree rings grow each year and are directly affected by the weather and the tree rings in these prints have been created using weather data. So the designs are literally affected by weather temperature!



A3 Risograph by Ploterre



The Bothy Risograph is based on data collected from 81 Scottish Bothies. The mountains in this print reflect the height above sea level of each mountain bothy in Scotland. The base of the mountains are at sea level and each of the four mountains references a different latitude from 55°N to 58°N.This print also contains elements of photography, with the rocky textures taken from snaps of the crags below Lookout Bothy on the Isle of Skye. Another printed example of Ploterre’s passion for the natural world!



A3 Risograph by Ploterre


This print by Ploterre was inspired by the book Landmarks by Robert McFarlane, which details the richness of language used across the UK to describe the natural world. The words used to create this map are just a selection and have been unearthed across the UK from Jersey to Shetland. Every element covering the contours to the summits have been created by these words. Each word was first translated into a numerical value and these values were then used to create the marks. The Wordmarks Risograph really is very clever stuff!



A3 Risograph by Ploterre


Ploterre is environmentally minded and takes care to create a printing process that is kind to the environment. Her prints use soy based inks, fsc accredited pulp paper and all Ploterre’s packaging is made from 100% paper and cardboard – completely recyclable!  All aspects of Ploterre’s printing process is made and printed in the uk. This print is the Munros Risograph and it is based on data collected from all 282 Scottish Munros. The mountains visualised here do not exist as individual mountains but have been created using summit, drop and gap height data from a series of Munros. Has that peaked your interest?



The brilliant Rebecca J Kaye in her Ploterre studio HQ



Ploterre has even more wonderful prints and products and loads of extra information to learn about her various printed pieces. We recommend you learn a little more about the incredible work and research of Ploterre! Lot’s of new things are arriving at our shop everyday. Check our website to keep up to date. In the meantime, we hope you’ve had a great day from us all at The Red Door Gallery! 🙂



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