Introducing New Artist – Melissa Donne

Oct 25, 2020 | Blog

Melissa Donne looking fab framed against our castle rock walls


Everybody welcome the fabulous Melissa Donne into The Red Door Gallery fold. Melissa is a superstar illustrator and designer with a passion for plant based prints. We are very happy to have her work in stock, it’s been delightfully brightening up the gallery wall ever since it arrived!


Abstract Pink & Red Flowers A3 Print


Melissa mostly works with digital illustration and risograph printing to create her contemporary floral patterns. She really enjoys the use of bright colours and abstract shapes and line to bring about her unique plant illustrations. Melissa is also a dab hand at working digitally to create layered collages to build leafy compositions featuring those beloved botanical elements. The print above is Abstract Pink & Red Flowers, an A3 risograph print that is super vibrant and ever so elegant, we especially like those bucket shaped flowers!


Still Life A4 Print


Based on the South Coast of England, Melissa graduated from Southampton Solent University with a Batchelor’s Degree in fashion and from the University of Southampton with a Master’s Degree in film theory and cultural management. With a wide range of art and design knowledge including fine art and graphic design under her belt, Melissa is constantly exploring new ways in which to further expand her practice. The zesty clash of colours and pattern in this Still Life A4 print really gives a cool, contemporary touch to a traditional and well loved subject matter.


Flora #3 A3 Print


The time-honoured craft of classic botanical illustration, bold colours, patterns and textures found in the realms of fashion / textiles, and also spots of abstract art are Melissa’s key sources of inspiration behind her designs. In regards to her preferred printing technique she finds ‘the medium of Risograph printing perfectly complements my style and approach and emphasises the vibrant colour palettes I love to work with’. The A3 risograph Flora #3 is a brilliant example of form and texture achieved through skilful printing with tasty results. The juicy, berry pink inks are just stunning in this print!


Plant In Terazzo Pot A4 Print


Melissa considers herself a contemporary botanical artist, and therefore especially enjoys surrounding herself in nature, with plants and flowers she can sketch straight from the source. Her passion for colour and texture can be sparked by petals, ceramics and even colourful buildings. Using her initial sketches, Melissa will take a few ideas and pick each a colour palette and then begin her digital process using her iPad, Procreate and Photoshop to bring together a fully formed illustration. The magnificent use of pattern and texture in her A4 print Plant In Terazzo Pot is a pleasure to behold with its funky, stripy leaves.


Fluoro Pink Flowers A3 Print


Risograph printing is a form of printing that will give uniquely artful results to a printed piece. The risograph process is thrillingly unpredictable, with layers of colour needing to be accurately aligned to give crisp edges and clear textures. However, part of the charm of risograph printing is it will always add a couple of extra traces to make each print an individual. This is an element that Melissa really likes about the risograph process, because there will be slight variations with each print she makes, giving each its own originality. Check out the uber luminous colours in the Fluoro Pink Flowers print, a risograph triumph!


Abstract Plant A4 Print


Melissa Donne has a clear love for all things botanical and a fascination with colour and texture that really comes across in her work. Her prints are fun loving and full of life, special qualities achieved through passionately enjoying what she does. This artist is very enthusiastic about exploring new ways of creating and we’re excited to see how Melissa’s practice continues to blossom. The wavy lines and deep green leaves in her Abstract Plant A4 Print are just so luscious, we can’t get enough!


Melissa Donne’s tranquil home studio looking beautiful and productive


The artist Melissa Donne has even more wonderful products to her name including Greetings Cards, and new work is arriving at our shop everyday. Check our website to keep up to date. In the meantime, have a great Sunday from us all at The Red Door Gallery🙂

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