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Oct 21, 2020 | Blog

The Gallery is lovely and full of scenic Edinburgh prints


Have you seen Edinburgh recently? In the midst of Autumn, with it’s changing leaves and darkening eves. It’s as beautiful as ever! And we have a brilliant selection of brand new Edinburgh inspired pieces in our Gallery for you to see, as well as some old favourites!

Firework by Susie Wright - Limited Edition Screen Print

Edinburgh Fireworks
50x70cm screen print


Susie Wright is an Edinburgh artist who lives in, works in and draws the City, creating wonderful prints that are recognisably hers. Susie’s work is super popular with visitors and locals and can be spotted gracing the walls of many Edinburgh establishments around town! An expert at capturing the city from amazing angles, Susie is always suprising us with her print making skills and creative interpretations of Edinburgh. We are in awe of her magical Edinburgh Fireworks screen print which brings the town to life on a dark night. And as we are approaching firework season, we can’t wait to see the shapes of the city lit up in vivid colours, just like the print above.


Waverley Station Winchin Spot 4
A3 print


Elise Bell is a Scottish fine artist and printmaker living in Fife. Her practice focuses on celebrating everyday life and pleasures, and the stories and secrets of generations growing up on the East coast of Scotland. Hugely inspired by local cultural references, dialects and auld Scottish tales, Elise’s work hopes to ‘glorify the quiet, common lives lived, and commemorate all the jives jived’. We are incredibly taken with her new print series Winchin Spots, inspired by her Granny Brenda’s recollections on where she and grandad “used to winch” (kiss/date) when they began courting in the 1950s. Her prints feature places in Glasgow and Edinburgh, giving each location a quirky, romantic twist! Waverley Station Winchin Spot 4 is just one in this series of six prints and we think it magnificently shows Elise’s wonderful and funky style.


City of Edinburgh Map
A3 Risograph


Nicola Boon is a Scottish illustrator based in Edinburgh and creates delightfully, delicate illustrations. Her work is created with fine lines and watercolour to explore shape and simplicity and through monochrome and whimsy, her drawings offer ‘subtle messages of emotion’. Cast an eye over her lovely City of Edinburgh Map risograph which intricately illustrates landmarks, streets, gardens and cobbles with care and character. Trace a finger along your favourite routes to walk in Edinburgh, or plan a future stroll.


Scottish National Portrait Gallery
A3 print


Hannah Pritchard is an architect and artist living in Edinburgh who takes inspiration from her studies at the Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow and the beautiful city of Edinburgh. She beautifully illustrates buildings and streets in super high detail, capturing ornate stonework, carved windows and pointed turrets all with the power of a pencil. There are many fantastic buildings around Edinburgh and Pritchard has done a brilliant job constructing an impressive collection of postcards and prints, including the Scottish National Portrait Gallery above. Edinburgh’s iconic red sandstone building on Queen Street looks perfectly Spanish Gothic style in Pritchard’s expert illustration.


Edinburgh Map
A4 print


Sarah Frances is based in South Devon, UK and is an illustrator whose work focuses on themes of nature, self care and travel. This Edinburgh Map illustration is drawn with warm memories of her past visit to the city. It includes many of the well known landmarks and tourist attractions such as the Castle, Museum of Scotland, Holyrood House and Arthur’s Seat. Sarah fell in love with Edinburgh when she came, and this print is an ideal keepsake for anyone with a real fondness for the beautiful ‘Burgh.

Festival City David Fleck

Festival Mile
A3 print


David Fleck is a firm favourite in our Gallery with fans far and wide and here at home. David is a full time architect living and working in Glasgow but a prolific illustrator too, with a huge collection of prints inspired by Edinburgh and the great Scottish landscape. We really like the joyful vibes in Festival Mile print which depicts the Royal Mile full to the brim with colourful festival goers, clearly based on the famous August Fringe. Also a cheery reminder of better times had, when our social calendars were much more exciting, but also a nod towards better times to come!


Edinburgh Labyrinths
A4 print


Rachel Turner is an artist living and working in Edinburgh and enjoys experimenting with drawing styles and playing with ways of illustration. Her print Edinburgh Labyrinths is an abstract pencil study of the Edinburgh Castle and its surrounding elements. The drawing is inspired by the Castle’s geographical features and surrounding network of alleyways (closes), stairwells and secret tunnels entwining around Edinburgh’s historical Old Town. Rachel compares living in beautiful Edinburgh to weaving through a fascinating Labyrinth on a daily basis, with the striking Edinburgh Castle, looming at its centre.

Arthur’s Seat
A4 print


Anais Moisey is a designer based in Edinburgh with a fascinating background in maths, biology, design and academia. She has researched the possibilities of designing with living materials and developed ways for scientists to sketch DNA – remarkable! Sometimes Anais also likes to draw her surrounding city and this Arthur’s Seat print is a super cool example of her scientific tendencies weaving their way into a complex and hypnotic drawing style. Edinburgh is a fantastic place for gazing out from on top of a hill and being absorbed by a good vista, and this print captures the view from Blackford Hill across to Arthur so well!


Some sunny reflections in the Gallery today – can you spot our Red Door?


All the artists featured in this blog have even more wonderful products to their name, and new work is arriving at our shop everyday. Check our website to keep up to date. In the meantime, have a great sunny, Autumnal day from us all at The Red Door Gallery! 🙂

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