Owl About You!

Feb 3, 2020 | Blog

Are you an Owl enthusiast or know a true lover of Owls? Then this is Owl About You! We have a magnificent selection of Owl inspired goodies to treat a loved one – a wise decision with Valentine’s Day just around the corner – so cast a big eye over this parliament of Owls roosting behind our Red Doors!

The Great Grey Owl by Craig McEwan is an A4 print illustration in McEwan’s distinctive textured and painterly style. We can’t resist that inquisitive gaze from those bright yellow eyes popping from the print – we think this Great Grey Owl is indeed, great! But do check out Craig’s other Owls too, he’s a real Owl fan!

Tawny Owl Salt And Pepper Shakers by Quail Ceramics

These beautiful Tawny Owl Salt & Pepper Shakers by Quail are hand painted stoneware and a very rare sub-species of Owl that are dishwasher safe! These marvellous characters add a touch of feathery charm to your table! A lovely pair of dinner guests who will happily sprinkle your dishes with salt and pepper whenever you need!

If Owls wore hats – what would be their hat of choice? Illustrator Alice Tams aka Birds in Hats has pondered this question long and hard and her answer is the Bobble Hat! We think it’s a top choice and the Barn Owl in a Bobble Hat Pin Badge is an adorable design to wear – maybe on your own Bobble Hat?

This is the beautifully bold and striking Snowy Owl screen print by Susie Wright. An expert screenprinter and prolific illustrator – Susie Wright is a master of design! This stately Owl is a magnetic print and a great example of the beauty that can be achieved using even the simplest of lines!

A wonderful wee print by Thundercliffe Press, this is the Little Owl Stamp. It measures approximately 11cm2 and even though small in size it packs brilliant detail and feathery textures. Once you set eyes on this charming little fella you’ll fall in love – we certainly have!

Owl Parliament by Lindsey Brown is a pack of 5 mini, hand signed digital Owl prints. The Owl breeds nestled within include Tawny, Snowy, Great Grey, Masked & Little Owl. The level of detail achieved in each illustration is astonishing and bound to impress any Ornithologist with a serious Owl obsession!

‘Sweet dreams said the mouse to the owl.’ This charming screen print Sweet Dreams is by artist Freya Cummings who has some fantastic printmaking skills. The little mouse is printed with a gold foil matching the owls gold foiled beak. This print is hand printed by the artist in a limited edition of just 30 so very special indeed!

A cut out card in the shape of an owl!? What will they think of next!? Not only a great greetings card but a lovely decorative object to stand on a mantlepiece perch! Screen printed and laser cut in Edinburgh the Owl Fold Out Card is by local artist Susie Wright.

That’s Owl Folks! 😉


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