Relief Printing Special

Jul 17, 2019 | Blog

It’s a Relief Printing Special this week! We’re focusing on our artists with a flare for the Relief Printing process! So that includes all things Wood Cut, Lino Cut and Etching.

These printing techniques are part of one of the traditional families of printmaking. In simple terms the process consists of cutting or etching a design onto a printing surface- which could be wood, metal, linoleum, even potato! Then by applying ink and then paper, viola! A print is born. Relief Printing was first used by the Egyptians who carved designs into wood for pressing onto fabric and early Relief Printing was integral in the development of books!

Relief Prints are pleasingly tactile and lovingly hand made by artists who are both fascinated by and keen to keep these traditional forms of print making alive and contemporary!Here are some brilliant artists to inspire with their creative and exciting Relief Printing styles!

Linda Richardson is an artist-printmaker living and working in the beautiful Shetland Isles. Her home and studio are in Voe, on the hillside overlooking Olnafirth. A great lover of wildlife Richardson finds inspiration from her surroundings – and Shetland certainly provides ever changing weather, varied coastline, flora and fauna! This is Night Prowl by Linda Richardson and it is a 3 layer, Lino Print – what a pretty (angry) kitty!


Woman in Striped Jumper by Thundercliffe Press. Anna Thundercliffe lives and works in Glasgow where she runs the Thundercliffe Press from her flat on the Southside. Thundercliffe creates prints based on her drawings using linocut, risograph, and screen printing.  We absolutely love the beautiful textures in this lino cut print – curly hair and stripey jumper patterns are the best!

Peas – March Print by Jeff Josephine is the third print in Jeff Josephine’s 2019 Print Project and it is a 2 colour linocut print depicting a pea seed packet illustration designed and printed by Sophie (Jeff). Jeff Josephine loves the vibrant spring-like green of peas, the fantastic shape of the pods, and the wonderful swirling delicate tendrils. She has captured these qualities magnificently in this very intricate lino cut print!

Linoleum Knocker Earrings by Roslyn Leitch. Linoleum is a sustainable antibacterial material made from natural raw ingredients such as solidified linseed oil, pine rosin, cork dust, wood flour and minerals. Lino is surprisingly lightweight, allowing for these big bold jewellery designs which Roslyn loves making and wearing! So lino is not just great for printing with – but great for super, unique earrings made by Roslyn Lietch!

This is a limited edition wood block print by David Fleck. Inspired by tree houses and architecture this clever print incorporates found wood – picked out with the help of David Fleck’s pup! There is so much detail to be found in the precision perfect facades of the printed houses and the organic textures of the natural wood branch! A very lovely print indeed, Artefact 1 is also something a little different from Fleck’s other works for all you David Fleck enthusiasts out there – there’s also an Artefact 2, too!

Storm by Katrine Lyck is a beautiful blue etching inspired by the music of Siqur Ros. Lyck is a Danish illustrator who recently graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art. Her fantastic etchings have been met with great enthusiasm and interest for the etching process and her beautiful imagery. Rich with fascinating details and patterns, etchings have a special quality that makes for captivating prints. This pairs wonderfully well with Katrine Lyck’s enchanting illustration style!

Three Hedgehogs by Babs Pease is a limited edition hand printed linocut of Hedgehogs looking at a cactus! It is printed on heavy heritage paper using oil based printing inks. These prickly companions are a russety blend of Sepia and Madder Brown. Pease’s designs are all hand carved onto linocut blocks and then printed by Babs, using an antique Victorian relief press at her home and studio in Dollar, Clackmanshire in Scotland!

Parsley Pin Badge by Aimee Mac – not strictly relief print related, but we feel these fantastic brooches deserve a mention! They have a textural, illustration feel that give off lino print vibes and are just so fun and funky! ‘Super cute crystal clear acrylic Parsley pin brooch! Made from my original hand drawn illustration, perfect for an acrylic jewellery lover or collector!’ – Aimee Mac. 🙂






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