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Jun 17, 2019 | Blog

Susie Wright - Meet The Maker

It’s Screen Printing Week here in the gallery. A celebration of all things screen printed. With some of our most sought after Edinburgh themed prints in the gallery, It seemed only right that we asked local designer/printmaker and ECA Alumni Susie Wright to be our Meet The Maker this week.

Susie creates prints, greetings cards and contemporary home accessories. Working in her Edinburgh studio, and recently relocated Edinburgh Printmakers. She enjoys creating original designs which are inspired by her observations of landscape and architecture, wildlife and flora, from Scotland and overseas. Susie is keen to maintain traditional printing techniques, so uses screen printing, lino cutting and wood engraving to produce her work, and is committed to carefully sourcing and using sustainable, eco-friendly materials as much as possible.

We’ve worked with Susie since graduation. We’re lucky to have had her Exhibiting new work over the years and installing many a beautiful window for us. The most recent, back in June 2018.

Meet The Maker - Susie Wright

What Do You Love Most About What You Do?

So many things but especially print making. I enjoy making things, exploring ideas and the journey that takes you on.

Meet The Maker - Susie Wright

A fresh batch of Susie’s Forth Rail Bridge Screen Print, drying on the print rack

Where Did You Study And Why?

I studied first at Edinburgh College of Art thinking I wanted to do either painting or graphic design and discovered illustration which seemed like an excellent middle ground and introduced me to printmaking. I then went on to do an MA at Saint Martins to have a change of scene and immerse myself in the creative culture of London.

Meet The Maker - Susie WrightInk ready to pull on the screen

Where Do You Base Yourself & Why?

I am based in Edinburgh now after a number of years away and overseas where I have a lovely studio near Canonmills. I came back for various reasons but one was definitely because of the excellent print facilities of Edinburgh Printmakers (which just got even better with their move to Castle Mills).

Crail Screen Print by Susie WrightFresh off the printing press is Susie’s New Crail Screen Print – £55

What Do You Like To Do When Escaping Work? Where’s Your Favourite Coffee Spot?

I don’t seem to escape work very much these days, even holidays are spent drawing! I’ve been really enjoying exploring more of Scotland recently, especially the west coast. But even just time going for a walk round Arthur’s Seat or spent sitting outside in the garden looking at flowers and a bit of bird watching makes me very happy! Must be getting old…

Meet The Maker - Susie Wright

I’m more of a decaf tea drinker these days but I love Fieldwork in Fountainbridge, they do excellent cake and it’s near the new printmakers…

Budgerigars Screen Print by Susie WrightBeautiful Budgerigars

What do you like about the medium of Screen Printing? What made you choose this method for printing your work?
I’ve always been inspired by DIY culture and when I was introduced to screen printing it allowed me to instantly make my own products which was a revelation and still a huge part of how I make my work.
I love that I can be in total control of the printing process in terms of not having to involve anyone else but I also love that you can never have total control over what the final print will look like. I have a very clear image in my mind of what I’m aiming for but the process allows me to continually make decisions along the way and it’s always so exciting when you print the final layer of a multi layer print. For the majority of my prints I hand draw the artwork so each piece evolves as I print. I continue to experiment with as many processes of printmaking as I can and the more I learn, the more it feeds back into my screen printing practice.
Meet The Maker - Susie Wright
What’s Been Your Favourite Piece to Make So Far?
There’s couple of very detailed black and white plant drawings that I made when I was living in Australia, I dipped in and out of drawing them over a few months and they remind me of that happy time and space for exploring and doing exactly what I wanted to do with no commercial constraints.

botanical plants by susie wright

I really love making my screen prints though or any form of printmaking. There is something about the physicality of the printing process that I crave and definitely informs the way I create. I like that you have to respond to each layer and even with lots of planning you never really know what something will look like until it’s finished.

Edinburgh Drawing Screen Print –  £115

What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

Don’t worry too much, things have a way of working out.

Surprised Owl Screen Print – £50

Who’s Your Favourite Artist at The Red Door and what would be your Top Purchase?

cat on cushion, cats, catitude, cushions, screen print, charlotte farmer

I can’t just pick one so I pick 2 fellow screen printers; I love Charlotte Farmer’s work, we studied together at Saint Martins for our MA so it always makes me smile to see her prints when I visit Red Door. And Patrizio Belcampo, who I regularly print alongside and is as fussy as me about keeping things clean, I am always in awe of his immaculate flat colours and attention to detail.

Nightingale limited edition screen print by Patritzio Belcampo

Top purchase: Nightingale by Patrizio Belcampo

We’d like to thank Susie for taking the time to let us get to her and her work and process. Keep your eyes peeled across our social media over the next few weeks as we delve into different printing processes. This week is Screen Printing Week.

Meet The Maker - Susie Wright

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