Winter Wonderlands

Nov 21, 2019 | Blog

We’d like to share some of our best Winter Wonderlands with you – illustrations and products that exude christmassy charm and snowy splendidness! Pop on your ski goggles, you’re about to be dazzled!

A Winter Perch by Linda Richardson is a limited edition three layer linocut. It is richly coloured with beautiful, frosty inks which make us shiver – in a good way! We love the hand carved detail of this fluffy, little owl keeping cosy in the blizzard too!

Huddle by David Fleck is a blissful, wintery print with those steely blue houses beneath a blanket of snow. This lovely illustration is wonderfully atmospheric and makes us want to huddle up in front of the fire and roast some chestnuts!

Auld Reekie by Emily Hogarth is quite special – it began its print journey as an intricate papercut before screenprinting! So this beautiful silhouetted landscape of Edinburgh is wonderful to look at… Lots of shining windows and twinkling stars makes this elegant print feel ever so festive!

Scotland Map by Sara Mulvanny is an excellent, detailed depiction of what the Scottish landscape has to offer! A chilly place most of the time, Mulvanny’s choice of a fresh blues in this illustration adds an extra wintery feel to this map of Scotland! You’ll notice that all the folk living in this landscape are wrapped up warm!


Obscura View by Susie Wright is a limited edition screenprint – a gorgeous illustration of the view from the Camera Obscura on the Royal Mile to Princes Street. We get the feeling this impression was gathered on a still and icy morning – a crisp frost on the rooftops and a smatter of snow on Princes Street gardens!

Starry Nights by Nicola Boon is a superb illustration of an inky, black night studded with stars! The colossal moon has been playfully detailed with fascinating nooks and crannies! We love this print – it makes the winter’s dark evenings seem super magical and as Christmas draws nearer, we wonderer whether a little sleigh will zip across the moon?

Ursa Major Ursa Minor by Mister Peebles is a very popular print which is now available in A2 size! This pair of bears are wrapped up against the snowy fields and enjoying a spot of star gazing! 🙂



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