Autumn Arrivals

Sep 25, 2019 | Blog

The official start of Autumn is this week so we’ve put together our best Autumn Arrivals that will see us through the darkening days, earlier nights and chillier climes! Autumn is a beautiful season so we should get out there and explore it – and lets explore these Autumnal goodies too!

‘Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height!’ This is a brand new print by HAM Designs and one of three latest editions to the HAM Rabbit collection. The Kite Flying Rabbit screenprint is a lovely Autumn print with Kite flying conditions being perfect this time of year!

Squirrel Print by Kate Mclelland

The Red Squirrel print by Kate McLelland is a very charming illustration showcasing the spirit of Autumn! An adventurous and handsome squirrel that loves nothing more that skipping amongst the season’s colouful leaves. We can see this print sitting above a toasty fireplace as those russet and golden colours swirl past the window!

We’ve had it pretty good these past months as far as sunny weather goes – very hot at times! But cooler temperatures are creeping in and Autumn’s watery sun is much more with-holding. But this fantastic piece of jewellery is the Mini Sun Necklace by Polly Collins. So you can carry a little bit of sunshine with you during Autumn and it’ll keep you warm whilst you skip beneath the falling leaves and floating catkins!

Once just a teatowel – now an awesome Beer Guide A2 print by Stuart Gardiner! Learn all about your favourite types of Beer and the brewing process behind the scenes. An informative poster that’ll broaden your Beer knowledge and impress your local Barman! We’ll be spending more time at the pub as we shelter from the chilly winds with a well deserved pint!

Keep your hands cosy in a pair of Island Nation Studio Wrist Warmers. Made from 100% Lambswool they are lovely and soft and we love their ‘eye-catching’ design! These Wrist Warmers are a brilliant way to brighten up an Autumn outfit and they also leave you fingers free to collect those freshly fallen conkers!

We think these are a cool contemporary take on the Autumn leaf! Rubber Triangle Earrings by &Lolita are a bright, luminous orange that really stand out from the crowd. Show Autumn who’s boss with these pops of colour that will rival all the seasonal orange hues; the ambers and russets and feuille mortes!

Be sure to feed your birds during Autumn – they need all the help they can get with Winter on the horizon. Lots of our winged friends have to battle the elements and embark of amazingly long journeys to warmer pastures. So let’s feed them up! As a reminder what about a charming Zebra Finch in a Straw Boater by Alice Tams. A fun illustration with all the right colours!

Which Watch Screen Print by Graham Carter

Are you a night owl or the early bird who catches the worm? It won’t be long until we turn the clocks back and we enjoy those cosy evenings, perhaps with a spicy soup for dinner and comfy mornings with a nice cup of tea! These guys know what i’m talking about – Which Watch is a limited edition screen print on hand made paper by Graham Carter.

Being tucked up indoors is so much better when you’ve got some fun activities to do – and oh boy, do we have some fantastic past-times! The Pop-Up Dinosaur Book is one of the newest kid’s kits by Clockwork Soldier.  They can create an amazing 3D pop-up book with 6 roar-some dinosaurs that will jump out from the pages. Inside is everything you need to make the book. Great for cosy, indoor days!

This is a hand pulled, limited edition linocut print, the Sleeping Cat by Babs Pease. This auburn cat is curled up on its favourite patterned cushion looking lovely and snug, we can hear his pleasing purrs over the sound of the boiling kettle and whistling winds – a gorgeous illustration for the Autumn season! 🙂



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