Ceramic Selection

Sep 18, 2019 | Blog

We have quite the Ceramic Selection at the Red Door Gallery – Everyone loves the look and feel of a beautiful ceramic piece especially when they’re hand painted, hand thrown, perfectly pinched and uber-handy! The hand-made ceramic scene is ripe with beautiful fruits made with various ceramic processes, so here’s the pick of our pottery bunch!

These are the Alice Jane Studio B&W Cermaic Loop Earrings! Alice Jane Hughes grew an interest in ceramics after she started working at The Craft Pottery in Glasgow where the opportunity to experiment with material has resulted in the creation of ceramic jewellery that draws on Alice’s love of painting. Each unique, handcrafted piece is seen by Alice as a piece of art in its own right!


This is a ceramic Alma by Claire De Lune who is a Scottish ceramic artist and painter living and working in the sunny seaside town of Margate. Hand sculpted from white porcelain stoneware, the Alma series of pocket sized friends was created as a collection to grow. The Alma gang varies in size between 4 – 6cm tall, and as they are all unique pieces!

Ceramic Radish Pot by Jeff Josephine

The Ceramic Radish Planter Pot by Jeff Josephine. Jeff Josephine uses her background in Illustration to design and create a hand crafted collection of illustrative studio pottery from her home studio in Gloucestershire. The ‘Radish Pot’ is a bold graphic design, inspired by the simple graphics found in children’s books from the early half of the 20th Century. The pot is slab built using earthenware clay. It is then put through a bisque firing before being hand painted using vibrant coloured underglazes. It is then once again fired and each one is finished with a hand stitched leather handle.

Son of Pear has a glorious collection of pinch pots and bottles that are a whole manner of shapes, ripples, nooks and crannies. These are the Monochrome Dot Pots. They have a unique oddness that celebrates imperfection and we revel in their funky ways! Each pot is hand made and hand glazed by Son of Pear who is a Edinburgh based ceramicist with a flare for quirky pottery and nifty uses for her ceramic pieces, such as Wall Hanging Plant Pots and Hairy Bottles!

This Brush Pattern Porcelain Pot is by Sarah Koetsier a ceramicist working from her studio in Scotland. Koetsier’s ceramics are all hand thrown porcelain and decorated with coloured underglazes. Her work currently focuses on texture, surface decoration and clean designs because texture to Sarah is an incredibly important part of ceramics, ‘I feel pots are meant to be touched!’ Her work experiments with different textures using the clay itself – carving, sanding, drawing, and glazing!

A very indulgent Hot Chocolate Mug by Claire De Lune has been carefully hand thrown from white speckled stoneware. This blingin’ gold handled mug is perfect for a hot chocolate.They are high fired with a frothy cream glaze and feature a 22 carat gold handle. Autumn has kicked in and Winter is on the way – the perfect time to get yourself the ultimate, magical Mug for some liquid chocolate goodness!

Hand Painted Ceramic Necklaces by Jeff Josephin

These lovely Ceramic Necklaces by Jeff Josephine are all hand made from earthenware clay and all are hand painted with vibrant coloured glazes. They are elegantly patterned, in-keeping with Jeff Jospehine’s illustrative style. The necklace cord is adjustable so you can wear it long or short depending on your outfit, they are handmade and hand painted making them one of a kind! 🙂

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