Jewellery Charms

Oct 2, 2019 | Blog

We are mighty excited to showcase our greatest Jewellery Charms – our jewellery collections that are just so lovely they’ll have you swooning for silver, giddy for gold and enticed by everything in between! Take a turn around our garden of jewellery delights and find a piece of contemporary design that suits your unique style!

These are the Moon Drop Studs by Polly Collins. These dangley moon face earrings are made with sterling silver and have been hallmarked in Edinburgh. Collins has hand sculpted and etched these celestial faces so every pair are a wholly unique item of jewellery. We are starry eyed for these sweet silvery moons!

The Golden Noodle Necklace designed by Saw & Pour. This awesome, fun, 24ct Gold plated necklace has been 100% handmade in Yorkshire using only manual tools and no machinery.  Saw & Pour designs are inspired by tasty Ramen with the cuisine’s bold geometric shapes, combination of colours, pristine arrangement and attention to detail lending itself to this jewellery brand perfectly!

The Shipwreck Drop Studs by Tom Pigeon are playful and a little bit wonky! Based on their Shipwreck screen print triptych each Mix Match pair contains two long drop earrings with gold plated earring posts. The brass on these earrings is subtly brushed to give a more flat, textured look.  Handcrafted in Tom Pigeon’s coastal studio in Anstruther, Scotland – right by the sea!

These are the Molten Studs by GJEWL and have been handmade in her home studio in Edinburgh. They are pure silver with a wonderfully textured finish making them a delightfully minimal, statement earring for a subtle touch of silver to an effortlessly cool outfit!

The Triangle Hoop Earrings by Darte are sterling silver and a beautiful fusion of two geometric shapes interlinked. Their design is lightweight and timeless and super easy to wear for daytime or night-time! Darte jewellery is based in Glasgow and takes inspiration from art deco shapes and themes of linear pattern and symmetry.

Throw On Merino and Wood Necklace by Lynsey Walters

And now for something a little it different… The Throw On Merino and Wood Necklace by Lyndsey Walters which is a wonderful combination of shapes and materials. Made from handmade merino wool beads which join with classic wooden beads to create a stunning necklace that is both elegantly bold and simply easy to wear!

The pure silver Threader Earrings by Fiona Luing. These versatile sterling silver earrings are perfect for everyday wear and have been lovingly handmade by local, Edinburgh silversmith and jewellery maestro Fiona Luing. These classical earrings can be worn simply through the ear or threaded through multiple piercings to change up the look – how very clever!

The Three Shapes Necklace by Jennifer Lemon is a wearable work of art. Each of the statement beads has been hand-painted by Lemon, creating unique beads every time! No two necklaces or beads are ever the same! The necklace string is made from braided soutache rope which adds to the overall eye-catching design.


The Saturn Hoops by Darte is a elegant silver hoop earring with a twist! The bar through the circle gives them a modern edge and is an update on the classic hoop. In addition, the hook is secured around the outside hoop – rather than affixed to it – meaning the circles are free to move and subtly change their look throughout the day. They are earrings in constant orbit! 🙂



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