Student September

Sep 12, 2019 | Blog

It’s Student September – Edinburgh welcomes back all it’s students as University begins again. Time to gear up for University living and all the fun Fresher’s week brings! We’d like to welcome these bright, young things with a selection of useful, decorative and desirable pieces to make their September super smooth and oh so stylish!

Not that we’re saying students sleep a lot – we’re not! We’re simply saying students love sleep, so do we and so do cats! And everyone loves Sleepy Cat by Eleanor Meredith. This beautifully blue and fetching print is peaceful and perfect for adding a touch of zen and style to a new room – a blank canvas if you will! Start your art collection with this delightful print by Eleanor Meredith and make it grow during your Uni years, you’ll have a gallery wall to rival ours before you know it!
It’s good to make sure you’ve got everything you need – preparation is key! Make a good impression with this beautifully useful Note Pad by Wald dedicated to Lists! A perfect addition to a communal notice board or a study desk, this Notepad will help you remember your groceries, books, clothes you need to pack and the daily chores!

This is Zorro the Face Bag by Spira! There’s a ton of tote bags out there to choose from but none are as charismatic as our Spira Face Bag collection. This is our latest addition to the Face Bag family – ‘Zorro is best at most things, even if he does say so himself’. So if you’re a ‘more than one tote bag’ kind of person, welcome some Spira Face Bags into your life! They’ll help carry your books to class and pot luck dinners to group meet ups!

Flower Power Risograph by Louise Smurthwaite

Want to brighten up your new digs? We think that’s a great idea – stamp you’re personality on those white walls! This is Flower Power by Louise Smurthwaite, an A3 risograph print that is a wonderful, wild mix of botanical flowers, and strong colours. This zesty print would be a great starter piece for your new accommodation or for that first shared flat with friends!


Of course some real house plants would be a great way to liven up a study area or to decorate the kitchen – and there are so many crazy kinds of house plants out there, it’s hard to pick your favourite! We have the perfect tool to get your green fingers started- the Screen printed Plant Hanger by Wald. A unique piece of design suitable for various sized pots – it’s a plant lover’s must have! Treat you’re new leafy friends well and see them flourish during your time at Uni!

David Bowie by Charlotte Farmer

When the time comes for a dose of inspiration, especially when those dark deadline times seem at their most disheartening – call on your Idols! This series of A4 screen prints featuring David Bowie is by fab artist Charlotte Farmer. They are truly uplifting with characterful portraits and timeless lyrics – there’s Bowie, Blondie, Jagger, Freddie Mercury and John & Yoko! Here to guide you through and share their starlit wisdom!

Delightful A5 Notebook by Maggie Magoo. Wonderfully useful for quick notes when your out and about! Maybe to gather some extra research whilst at the museum or to catch those quick flashes of inspiration when they strike! Maggie Magoo’s Notebooks also come in a range of sizes and designs and are also lecture and seminar proof – able to withstand super-fast note taking!

Brand new jewellery at The Red Door Gallery – and it’s tasty stuff! Saw & Pour have designed an elegant jewellery collection based on their love of the delicious dish Ramen and all things noodles, bowls and chopsticks. Yum! This Golden Noodle Necklace is the perfect good luck gift for a loved one embarking on a adventure in independence – and a sophisticated alternative to student cuisine!

A wee fold out Mountainscape featuring illustrations of imagined mountains – a decorative piece for your desk or mantlepiece! The charming Many Mountains Mini Mountainscape by Rachel Turner is a delightful addition to a cool new bedroom, and reminder to explore the great outdoors and take well deserved breaks from studying!

Our HERD Memphis Bags are Olympian tote bags – built to last and to carry as much as you dare challenge it! If you want a bag strong enough to take some laundry to the laundrette and still look enviably stylish? A bag that can do the tough jobs but still have fun at the park with picnics and big enough to contain a spontaneous charity shop haul? Then our HERD Bags are the answer!

Keep your ‘feeling good’ vitamins up with a Veronica Dearly daily suppliment – Peachy Bum A5 Print! Great for days when you feel a bit tired, run down with the dreaded ‘Fresher’s Flu’ or maybe the weather is just rubbish. Dearly has a way with motivational words and funny illustrations to put the smiles back on our faces!

Never get lost in your new city! This Edinburgh Map Clutch is ideal for keeping pens, keys, cash and all small essentials handy for a day at Uni. Most importanlty it is screen printed by Mr PS with a vintage map of Edinburgh design so you can stay cool exploring your new city and learn street names effortlessly and stylishly!

A very necessary 2020 Desk Calendar by Kirsty Baynham. Each month is intricately illustrated by Baynham with signature birds, animals and flowers making it a joy to open! Very clever because with each admiring glance you conveniently remind yourself of those upcoming dates such as birthdays, exams, holidays, parties etc and will keep you from missing anything important in 2020!

Some Hills In Scotland by Heather MoreThe Some Hills in Scotland A3 Print by Heather More – an amusing illustration featuring gestural portraits of well loved hills and mountains in the Scottish landscape. These green, painty splodges capture the wild, windy essence of the hills and make us smile at their sketchy faces! A really unique print for a room in need of some quirky character! 🙂


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