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Jun 6, 2019 | Blog

It’s Degree Show Diamonds time, take three! Time to see what the Glasgow School of Art students have been up to! The GSA doors are open for their 2019 Degree Show which kicked off on 1st June and continues until the 9th. There will be bundles of super work and wonderful design that we are so very excited to see. Top quality creativity guaranteed from the Glasgow School of Art! We have a beautiful bounty of GSA graduates at our Red Door Gallery and we want to show them off and leave you hungry for more! Here are our gifted, GSA artisans with talent galore…


Frida Kahlo Card by Kate and The Ink – a greetings card genius! Kate and The Ink graduated from Glasgow School of Art and loves to think of ways to turn her designs into more than just ‘a card’. ‘When you buy a card or gift for someone you want them to feel special, loved and taken care of. You want your choice to be unique, to say something about them and sometimes, also about you. Finding something that you know they will love is a wonderful feeling.’ Kate and The Ink’s prints and cards often use subtly nostalgic and retro elements combined with charm and humour to create thoughtful gestures.  We have a fab collection of K&I’s cards and prints which she produces here in Edinburgh and we think you’ll love them because it’s her number one aim!


These are Ceramic Satement Earrings by Alice Jane Hughes. Alice graduated with a Fine Art degree from the Glasgow School of Art in 2017. Her interest in ceramics came after graduating and with an opportunity to experiment with the material. This has led to the creation of ceramic jewellery that draws upon Alice’s love of painting, passion for colour and eye for composition.  Each unique, handcrafted piece of jewellery is a work of art in its own right and their inspiration ranges from modernist sculpture to contemporary design. The Alice Jane Studio is a ‘one woman business’ bringing you ‘stand out accessories’, some of which have already featured in Vogue Italia – get a piece of Alice while you can, she’s gonna be big!


The Farnsworth Treehouse is by David Fleck who is an Illustrator and an Architect! David studied Architecture in Aberdeen and at the Mackintosh School of Architecture (GSA) in Glasgow. His illustrations are a beautiful blend of his trained eye for architectural details and fantastic imagination. Often inspired by Scottish locations including his home town Edinburgh, his work does stray into the imaginary. David Fleck had his first solo exhibition “Our Ancestors” here in The Red Door Gallery in April 2012 but we have had the pleasure of working with David since 2006 and continue to support his ever changing print folio with exhibitions and window displays!



Look at these lovely 100% Lambswool Wristwarmers by Island Nation. Island Nation is a Scottish design studio founded by Glasgow School of Art graduate Kirsty Lamont. The inspiration for their knitwear is everywhere – the bold graphic prints and patterns are sparked by moments of city life to elements of wild beauty within the Scottish countryside.  ‘Our eclectic source material is gathered together to make collections that reflect our love of pattern and our obsession with all things textiles.​’ Also a big part of the Island Nation ethos is to reduce, recycle and reuse! They have a mission to wherever possible, offset their carbon footprint and give something back to the environment which they love so much-  beautiful, caring knitwear!

The Botanic Gardens Risograph by East End Press


This is the Botanics Risograph by East End Press – inspired by the Glasshouses at Glasgow Botanical Gardens. East End Press is a printing and design studio run by GSA graduate Ellie Hodson and based in the east end of Glasgow. Ellie has been featured in this weeks #Meet The Maker blog where you can learn all about East End Press!


This is the Silver Cube Necklace by Darte and Gemma Plimley is the name behind Darte Jewellery. Gemma is a Glasgow School of Art graduate with a top degree in Textile Design. She began her jewellery company Darte in 2016, specialising in uncomplicated, minimalist pieces. Darte has a strong focus on clean lines with shapes and structures inspired by geometry. There is also a special ethos behind the jewellery which is to focus on two key factors: simplicity and quality. All pieces are lovingly handmade by Gemma using delicious silver and gold and in her Glasgow based studio.

HOG Illustration is Harriet Godden’s design house! It is her creative brain behind these super duper greetings cards which are hilarious and just a little bit nude! Harriet is currently studying an MA in Illustration at GSA – so we can’t wait to see what the future holds for HOG Illustration!

The Glasgow School of Art Degree Show 2019 is currently running from the 1st June – 9th June. An art show of superb quality and exceptional design it shall be! We are eager to see all the new, wonderful creatives that are emerging in Glasgow, hopefully picking a bunch to join The Red Door Gallery.  We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – help us support all the young artists and visit a Degree Show near you! 🙂








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