Father’s Day 2019

Jun 11, 2019 | Blog

It’s Father’s Day 2019 – the 16th June is a day to celebrate Dads of all kinds with a special something that says ‘Thanks Da, you’re great and I love ya!’ All fabulous Da’s deserve something fun and fantastic on Father’s Day and we have plenty of things big and small to surprise him with! So go on – give your Dad a hug from us! ( And from you, of course! 😉 )

John Dilnot Mini Screen Prints

This is Garden Implements Mini Screenprint by John Dilnot – a delightful wee print, slightly larger than A5 which features all your Dad’s favourite outdoor tools. Never have those muddy, rusty, weathered tools looked so bright and cheerful! If you have a Dad who loves spending time in the garden and knows his way around hedge trimmers, shovels and pitchforks galore then he’ll love this ‘ode’ to outdoor maintenance!

isle of skye map by kate mclelland

The Isle of Skye Map by Kate McLelland is an A3 print which in true McLelland style is covered in all the most important bits of the beautiful Scottish island. Kate McLelland was inspired by her many family holidays spent on the Isle of Skye. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world, with incredible mountains and beaches. Perhaps you and your Dad have fond memories of Skye too? Amongst the sites you can spot some of Skye’s wonderful wildlife, including sea eagles, herons, red deer, otters and of course highland cows!

Is your Dad a man of fashion? If so we have a rather fancy pair of Black Cat Enamel Cufflinks brought to you by Hello Sunshine. These Cufflinks would look super cool on a pair of crisp white cuffs, turning ‘kind of cool Dad’ into ‘Ultra Cool Dad’. As a gift these Cat Cufflinks have the element of surprise, because it’s not very often you see such fun, unique men’s accessories – he’ll love them!

So fun and so useful – this is a Tibetan Tiger Laundry Bag designed by DOIY Design. A travel laundry bag that is perfect for stuffing dirty socks in, or as a swim/gym bag to keep a towel and swim suit in! Simply brilliant for business trips or gym comings and goings, he’ll be the envy of all his work and fitness friends! Ideal for the busy Dad on the go!

All Dads love maps don’t they? This is a particularly marvelous Map of Scotland by Sarah Mulvanny. An illustrated map of Scotland featuring local landmarks, cities, whisky breweries, nautical elements, people, trees, the Loch Ness monster, castles and native animals. If your Da is a true Scottish laddie, or simply a big fan of the far North –  he’ll love this map with its proper Scottish blues too!

John Dilnot Mini Screen Prints


Garden Birds Mini Screenprint by John Dilnot – ideal if your Dad’s a bit of a Twitcher (Bird Watcher) and takes great interest in his back garden birds. A super colourful print that’s roughly the same size as a large Mistle Thrush (A5 approx) and would look lovely perched on a windowsill or mantlepiece. Also in Dilnot’s collection of Mini Screenprints is a super Moths Print and Bees Print too!

Does your Dad have the all important World’s Best Da’ Mug by The Grey Earl? Well, if he’s a Star Wars fan but doesn’t own this mug – then we definitely have a situation in urgent need of fixing! It’s a darn good thing that Father’s Day is on the way, young Luke!


There’s nothing more amusing than a sophisticated leather Key Fob with a little gold Willy on it! The perfect blend of classy design and childish humor. Dad is still a big kid at heart and we reckon he’ll be made to giggle at one of these cheeky Willy Key-rings by Ark Design. A practical but playful edition to a set of car keys!


This is Edinburgh Cranes by R R Turner, an A5 Print inspired by those big, beautiful Cranes that hang over the Edinburgh skyline! This wee print has a fond and familiar memory attached – spending time with Dad at the local construction site, staring at the super, tall machines and asking classic kid questions like ‘does that Crane reach Space, Dad?’

The Dude by Barry Bulsara. Limited Edition Screen Print. The Big Lebowski, Ethan and Joel Coen, Kahlua


The Dude Screenprint by Barry D Bulsara is a great movie poster based on The BIg Lebowski. It’s a brilliant gift for the film buff and for the Dad that thinks himself just as chill and loveable as the great Jeff Bridges is in the title role! The character Jeff (The Dude) Lebowski is of course a Dad himself who loves Bowling and drinking White Russians!

Here is another very strong contender for the Coffee Mug gift. Designed by HAM this Wine Tasting Rabbit Mug is just one of a plethora of Rabbit Mug options you can choose from. This one’s great because the Rabbit is a wine connoisseur and Dad’s do like a nice bottle of red as presents too… he could even drink it from his new mug!

Whit a Trooper by The Grey Earl

The Grey Earl has created some brand new prints and one of them is this Whit a Trooper Print, fatherhood in a nutshell! A Storm-trooper with a troop of his own, a very sweet and funny print to which Star Wars Dads will relate. This print is probably inspired by The Grey Earls own adventures and being a Dad!

What about a nice pair of Latte Socks by DOIY Design? Give Dad’s tired, old sock draw a caffeine hit and surprise him with these funky designs. If your Dad is a coffee drinker and appreciates a fine pair of socks then these are the ideal gift. Packaged to look like a trendy takeaway coffee, they’ll be just the thing to make him smile and put him on the right foot for Father’s Day 2019! Hooray! 🙂



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