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Oct 16, 2019 | Blog

We are focusing on Food and Drink based design this week – a tasty source of inspiration for lots of designers and artists! Here is a selection of fantastic prints and products that are enjoyable to artists and foodies alike. It’s a tasty buffet of delicious design!

Cup of Coffee by Isa Form is an A4 print which is ideal for the lovers of a quality coffee. This enjoyable print is a smart illustration and a beautiful example of Swedish designer Isa Form’s work. Her distinct style is calming and sophisticated and she’s excellent at creating illustrations that tell delightful stories and ideas – ‘On days like these, i’d just love to bath in a big cup of coffee!’

Dragon Fruit Socks by DOIY Design are one size and wonderful! Lovely bright colours and bold patterns make these socks pop. They have been inspired by the exotic Dragon Fruit which if you have not yet tried – these socks taste nothing like it!

The Dim Sum Letter Writing Kit by Sarah Kwan is a lovely and useful stationary tool and a brilliant way to get back into the art of letter writing! Each vibrant piece of paper is scrumptiously adorned with illustrations of delicious Chinese dumplings and other Dim Sum and awaiting your hand-written message. There are even tiny sesame seeds dotting the page as a subtle design surprise for your lucky recipient!

Eat Your Peas A4 print by Smallish House. A lovely, sweet print that playfully merges illustration and typography to create a simple and quirky print full of texture! The decorative elements on the fork, knife and spoon handles contrast cleverly with the bold central type and that cheeky, half smile. May this print serve as a gentle reminder to little ones (and some not so little ones) to always eat their peas!

Food & Drink Map of Scotland by Annie Adam, an A3 print highlighting Scotland’s most re known food and drink! From Whiskey to Shortbread, Haggis to Gin, this illustration is a great representation of the land’s tasty treats and the regions with which they are associated! Not just a pretty print, but an artwork with delicious details!

These are Herb Recipe Notecards by Wald. A little bit like functional postcards which you can send to pals or keep yourself! Each illustrated notecard comes with a recipe on the inside cover and a perforated fold so the recipe and image can be separated and kept by the recipient. The recipes include – Cheese & Chive Scones, Fresh Basil Pesto, Rosemary & Lemon Cookies, Lavender & Lemon Cake.

Love it by Barry Bulsara is a screenprint depicting the infamous Marmite spread that divides many! This could be a great, statement print for the kitchen with it’s eye catching colours and strong details – either as an excellent show of affection for this flavoursome spread, or as an ironic statement of distaste for the Marmite taste!

This is the Parsley Brooch by Aimee Mac – a lovely, crystal clear acrylic brooch for those that enjoy sprinkling those all important herbs into their gourmet dishes! Made from an original hand drawn illustration, this is a super gift for someone who loves cooking, plants, nature or gardening!

The Chilli Pepper Tea-towel by Stuart Gardiner. It’s design is inspired by those flavourful pods of heat which are also one of the most influential spices in world cuisine. So how about spicing up your kitchen with this guide to 49 of the most popular varieties of Chilli! 🙂





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