Red Doors Open – Look What’s New!

Apr 29, 2021 | Blog

Yes! The Red Door Gallery doors are back open and there’s a lot that’s Brand New! Since our Red Doors reopened on Monday we’ve had a grand old time welcoming back our customers and showing off our wares on Edinburgh’s beautiful Victoria Street. There was even a visit from the BBC and a passing horse! We’re glad to be back and excited to show you some New Arrivals!


Colourful new prints and products brightening up Victoria Street


Esther Kent has delighted us with some wonderful new products which we think you’ll love! Three Enamel Mug designs are now available including a lovely pattering Geese design on this sturdy, shiny Enamel Mug. This mug is a fab hard-wearing, non-plastic option for children, and essential equipment for picnics, camping and re-fuelling any time! The three colourful geese are original designs by Esther. We also have her Happy Birds and Black Bird Enamel Mug designs available too!


Geese Enamel Mug
by Esther Kent


Laurie Hastings has treated us to a big and beautifully technicolour print that has us all beaming with delight! Rainbow Waves is a 50x50cm limited edition screen print and part of her Rainbow Powers Series. There are more prints from the series coming soon and we can’t wait!


Rainbow Waves
50x50cm screen print by Laurie Hastings



Peskimo are a brand new addition to our growing collection of artists and they bring a brilliant pop of colour to the gallery. Their product range includes prints, pins and cards which we recommend you have a good rummage through, they’re the kind of design you’ll want plenty of! The Cat Nap Flouro Pink, A3 print is a very cool piece of design that cleverly uses bold colour within a calming illustration. We’re very keen to have this kitty on our wall!


Cat Nap Flouro Pink
A3 print by Peskimo



DUST Studio have been very busy creating magical new pieces and growing their unique jewellery range with exciting results! Their sculptural and statement designs have taken on wiggly forms and the Glow Wiggle Necklace has us wiggling with joy! Made from carefully blended polymer clay to form a silky, smooth ombre sky effect, these necklaces come in a few different colours. With great, technical skill Dust beautifully blends vivid coral oranges which fade through peach and into warm red to create the Glow Wiggle Necklace. Each piece is handmade and we know you want to get your hands on one!


Glow Wiggle Necklace
by DUST Studio


Emily Nash has been working on some funky new prints featuring impressive displays of rhythm! Have you been missing the times when we could boogie with friends? And a little tired of keeping your killer dance moves all to your self?  We recommend you bring a couple of party pals home and we’ve got the perfect pair in Emily’s Rollershapes A4 print. Groovy moves!


A4 print by Emily Nash


Ploterre has been up to some more in depth analysis of nature, exploring Lochs, Birds and Trees to name a few! Her brand new Tree Rings (Cold), A3 print is based on data collected from daily weather data in the UK over the past 100 years and the fascinating process of tree rings. Directly affected by weather and temperature, this tree has been created from the minimum weather temperatures in the UK over the past century! Ploterre is very environmentally conscious and has used a Risograph technique for this print, a cross between a screen print and a photocopy using soy based inks, which are environmentally friendly!


Tree Rings (Cold)
A3 Print by Ploterre


Skye Folk are a new creative force to join The Red Door Gallery ranks! They make handmade products from locally sourced materials and reclaimed wood. An important part of their creative practice is to optimise recycled materials wherever possible and support local!  We are very pleased to be stocking their work and exciting to be hanging their beautiful pieces on our walls, like the Swallow and Hope Sign. Hand-crafted and hand-painted, it is inspired by carnival signs and traditional tattoos! We love the way the swallow soars and those positive future vibes it brings to the gallery and soon to a wall near you!


Swallow and Hope Sign
By Skye Folk



All the artists and designers featured in this blog have even more wonderful products to their name, and new work is arriving at our shop everyday. Check our website to keep up to date. In the meantime, have a lovely rest of your day and welcome back from us all at The Red Door Gallery! 🙂


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