Spooky Halloween Special

Oct 30, 2019 | Blog

It’s a Spooky Halloween Special this week – a showcase of the cool and creepy, deadly delightful and damned good design! Treat yourself to something spooky this October 31st and enjoy wreaking some Halloween havoc!

The Owl Fold-Out Card by Susie Wright is the perfect piece of sinister sophistication – adding a touch of ghoulish glamour to any home. We love the way their eyes follow us around the room!

Moonlight by Isa Form with its pumpkin orange moon and ominous silhouetted mountain – it’s a stunningly dramatic print! The shadowy summit looks perfect for a witchy gathering or maybe a long howl at the moon!

The Cat Sith by Julia Rowe is a spectral cat that haunts the highlands! If you’re a lone traveller you may spot this creature of Scottish folklore but you shouldn’t trust it… Be very wary of this Witch in disguise!

Bugs by Maggie Magoo is the stuff of nightmares for those with a fear of creepy crawlies! But these candy coloured beetles will wriggle their way into your hearts with their beautiful patterns and many legs!Bear by Magda Boreysza is a fearsome illustration! This mighty beast is drawn in that signature, spooky style that could only be achieved by Magda. Her art work has a fascination with carnival, masks, ritual and mystery and we love her uniquely eerie style!

Alma by Claire de Lune

Little Stripy Alma by Claire De Lune is channelling some great Halloween vibes. The black pinstripes and that ghostly gaze gives this little guy a loveably, ghoulish appeal!

Golden City by Katrine Lyck is a fantastic illustration that feels as if it has crept straight from the pages of a Brothers Grimm book! Writhing vines, vacant windows, rickety towers and mysterious inhabitants – this dark city gives us the goosebumps!

Close Encounters by Rachel Turner is a sweetly, spooky homage to Edinburgh’s old town and those good old ghost stories! Tales of plague, body snatching, forgotten underground cities… all these legends and more make  Edinburgh so wickedly atmospheric!

Fly Keyfob by Ark Design

Fly Key Fob by ARK is a strangely enjoyable insect to find attached to your keys! With metallic wings and shimmery details these leather flies are the best kind of creepy! Happy Halloween everybody! 🙂






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