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 Red Door Gallery Weekly Blog

Welcome to The Red Door Gallery art blog!  We hope you enjoy reading our regular updates of art news, featuring our artists, inspirations and all other creative happenings from our wee Edinburgh Gallery. We like to ‘blether’ here in Scotland, so sometimes we just blog about whatever is on our mind, hopefully, mildly entertaining! Thanks for reading and please do sign up to our ‘Mailing List’ for all other Red Door Gallery updates.


Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year. Today officially marks the year of the Monkey which will last until January 27th 2017.There are 12 Animals on the Chinese Zodiac. the Cheeky little Monkey is the 9th in the cycle and won’t appear again until 2028. Were you born in the... read more

Freya – Full To The Brim of Loveliness

February is here and despite the fact that it’s blowing a gale and raining constantly, we’ve definitely got Spring in our sights. This of course has been helped by the arrival of the beautiful print collection from Freya. Freya is a London based design... read more

Ye Banks an’ Braes

Today marks the Birthday of Robbie Burns and what has become a yearly celebration of Scotland’s greatest poets life. A celebration that was started by his friends 21 July 1801, the fifth anniversary of his death, and has been a regular occurrence ever since;... read more

Colourful Prints + DIY Kits on SALE

Bring some colour into this cold January, with our colourful, inspiring SALE! We have some great bargains for you this year, but as usual, they are on a first come, first served basis, so if you snooze, you loose There is nothing we love more than a roaring fire and a... read more

Positively Blue

Wall of positivity! So today is meant to be the most depressing day of the year……..It may be cold, wet and grey and we’re zooming through January but lets look to the rest of 2016 and make it an awesome year ahead. Hopefully you’ve started this... read more

If Star Wars was Scottish…

…The new film could be “Stars Are Braw – Back From a Wee Snooze” or so thinks Glasgow based English illustrator Jonathan Bishop.  Jon works under the moniker “The Grey Earl” in reference to his upbringing in England, while his works... read more

David Bowie – An Inspiration To Many

  We’re all in shock today, such sad and news to wake up to, the passing of The Great David Bowie. An inspiration to so many people, never to be forgotten. He will forever be remembered by his extensive career in music, film, and his constantly evolving... read more

Sherlock Holmes

Happy New Year and New Sherlock!  There is no point denying it, we are super excited about the new episode, screening tonight (BBC One, 9 pm, keep up people!). Thankfully, we know we are not alone in our enthusiasm for the subject of Homes, some of our artists have... read more

Maps the world

As New Year’s Eve approaches, we are meeting a lot of travellers in the gallery and every voyage needs a good map! One of our newest into the gallery is a screenprint by Kate and the Ink.  The print comes with a needle and thread so you can embroider your very... read more

Festive Wishes!

We are sending you all a huge MERRY CAT-MAS! We hope you received and gifted to your heart’s desire this year. Stay tuned to our online shop, mailing list and social media channels for news of upcoming exhibitions and events. Thanks to the tallented Hello Sunshine for... read more

Christmas Gift Guide #4

With the last weekend before Christmas about to hit, We thought we’d share with you one last collection of inspiration. Take a little helping hand with Lindsey’s Christmas Gift Guide, for those difficult to buy for loved ones. With everything from Fun... read more

Star Wars Love

‘The Force Awakens’ in cinemas across the world this week and these ‘Star Wars’ inspired art print collection, T-shirts and mugs should keep any fan happy at Christmas time.  Star Wars Love is in the air! The signed LP record sleeve size art... read more

The bleak midwinter…

The daylight hours are cut a little short, so why not shop on line and collect in store?  That might keep the bleak midwinter a little warmer! We have a lot of new prints in from Red Door favourite, David Fleck!There are also a few vital days of Christmas Post left,... read more

Christmas Gift Guide #3

With a bumper shopping weekend ahead of us, why not sit back and take some inspiration from Nicky,our Creative Managers Christmas Gift Guide. All items available via our online shop or if you fancy a stroll round the independent shops in the Grassmarket, come and say... read more

Christmas Gift Guide #2

Christmas Shopping Frenzy has hit and it’s hard to believe we are on to our second week of Christmas Gift Guide already! Where has the time gone? With so many gifts to choose from we thought we’d treat you to a little extra mid week guide for some added... read more

Christmas Gift Guide #1

December has hit and we’re all starting to think about what to get our loved ones this Christmas. Over the next 4 weeks we will be sharing our Staff Gift Guides, a wee insight in to what we’re buying our favourite people this year. With so much to choose... read more

A sleigh load of packages!

We’ve been super busy both in our shop and with our online sales over the last few days, creating a sleigh load of packages!  We are starting to understand how much fun Mr and Mrs Claus must be having, parcelling up all their gifts.  Here’s a snapshot of... read more

Friday Favourites – Victorian Christmas

We’ve been busy in the gallery this week perfecting our Christmas Windows. They’re filled with lots of gift ideas to treat that special someone. We’ve uploaded a wee snapshot in our previous blog so you can get a wee taster of what they look like. If... read more

Plan ahead for a DIY Christmas

Christmas in Edinburgh has officially landed, the lights are shining bright and the Christmas Market will be in full swing today. Why not plan ahead and get a little bit more personal this Christmas. Treat your loved ones to something made by hand, be it by yourself... read more

Part Time Job Vacancy Filled

A huge thanks to the many, tallented applicants we have had for the  part time job opportunity here at The Red Door Gallery.  We have had such a heartwarming response and we are delighted to have had the position accepted by our newest team member. If you are still... read more

What did you do last night?

The Red Door Gallery team were out in Victorian Splendor at NMSLates, colouring in, cutting stripey string and hosting a workshop of Victorian things. The Lindstrom Effect provided us with some art works and 6 beautifuly designed Thaumatrpes for our workshop audience... read more

The Lindstrom Effect’s DIY Thaumatrope Workshop

Got your ticket for tomorrow night’s #NMSLates?  The Lindstrom Effect’s DIY Thaumatrope workshop will be a goodie, so be sure to head to the Hawthorndale Court as early as possible. The lead artists behind the thaumartope workshop design are Edinburgh... read more

Friday Favourites – Here Bear And Everywhere

We all love a pun and even more so when they’re paired with some cute animal friends. Mister Peebles is a big favourite in the gallery and we were super happy when the lovely Helen added to her ever expanding collection. Why not bring Bring a fun Bear Pun in to... read more

Happy Guy Fawlkes Night!

Bonfire Night is tonight, so here in the United Kingdom, we will be setting of fireworks in commeration of the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605 by a group of English Catholics to blow up the House of Lords. There are various public displays taking place accross the UK,... read more

Fancy Dress inspiration to make you Smile

Halloween is finally upon us. The queues down Victoria Street for the joke shop are a clear sign that Edinburgh is getting in to the spirit of things. If you’re stumped for ideas then the fun collection of Icon Prints and Brooches by And Smile is sure to give... read more

FridayFavourites – Haunting Animals

Halloween ’tis but a week away. By now we hope you’ve all got your costume plans in the pipeline. We do love a little bit of dress up in the gallery and I’d happily turn anyone or anything within arms length in to a Zombie! Some scary zombie jars for... read more

Friday Favourites – You’re My Hero

As the chill sets into October we’re getting ready for the scary month of the year with Halloween in the not too distant future. We’ve prepped our windows with lots of goulish treats and had lots of fun with liquid latex and fake eye balls from local joke... read more

Grassmarket Fun Foodie Day

Foodie fans are hot footing it to Edinburgh’s Grassmarket this weekend for creative cooking capers involving Crepes, Pizzas and plenty of imagination! Taking place along side the fabulous weekly Farmer’s Market, The Grassmarket Fun Foodie Day includes a... read more

Friday Favourites – This little Piggy…

We’ve curated a little collection of our favourite little #pink #pig coloured pieces for your amusement as this weeks #Friday Favourites. There has been a lot of chatter about pigs these past few weeks, can’t imagine why….New into the online shop... read more

Friday Favourites – Prism of Starlings

This weeks #fridayfavourites are all about the beautiful new geometric goodies that have arrived from Prism of Starlings by the lovely Kirsty Baynham. Kirsty is one hardworking lady, constantly bringing us new pieces to her range. This month sees her work grace our... read more

Friday Favourites – New Season Treats

This week most of us were officially back to school and work. We’ve bid farewell to the Summer, the nights are getting darker and the festival already feels like a distant memory. There’s something quite nice about the change in the seasons, a new bag to... read more

Farewell Festival Fireworks

#EdinburghFestival draws to a close today, but we have one huge fireworks display left to look forward to, tonight at 9.30pm and it looks like there are some tickets left here for Princess Street Gardens.  So get your chairs, picknick blankets, brolly’s and... read more

What is it like in your funny little brains?

Benedict Cumberbatch AKA Sherlock Holmes is taking in the view from our windows at the moment, and asking the world ”Dear God, what’s it like in your funny little brains?  It must be so boring”.   Complimentary as ever, Sherlock Holmes’ wry wit... read more

Friday Favourites – Food For Thought!

We’re around half way through the festival and it can sometimes feel like a month long holiday. It seems ok to go out for a drink or pick up some local street food any night of the week. We’re a little bit spoilt for choice with the abundance of pop up... read more

Friday Favourites – Dance To Our Tune

The festival is now in full swing and the craziness has begun. We’ve been enjoying the impromptu dancing in the street and it’s got us in a musical mood here in the gallery. This weeks #fridayfavourites features lots of our favourite musical themed prints... read more

Friday Favourites – All Eyes on Edinburgh

The International Edinburgh Festival has now officially begun!! If you’re a local you’ll have felt the frenzy building over the last few weeks as performers descend on the city to prepare for their shows. The List Party at SummerHall last night marked the... read more

Friday Favourites – Raining Cats and Dogs

It’s August in Edinburgh so naturally it’s raining outside, if you are curled up with a cup of cocoa and a feline friend or cainine chum perhaps you’re wishing it was raining cats and dogs outside too?  There are certainly plenty of kitties and... read more